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Health Care Programmes of Innovedics
Positive Health Packages
   Nirjara(Rejuvenationtherapy):Synchronized abhyanga and shiro abhyanga (45.$ / day]
manaskara (De-stress therapy):Shiro dhara, kaya sekam and meditation (75. $/ day)
swasthyam (Body and Mind relaxation therapy):Abhyanga, ushmasveda and shiro dhara (Rs60. $/ day)
sunayana (Eye care programme):Sekam, aschyothanam and shiro dhara
(45. $/ day) 
urjaskara (Myo-energetic programme):Udvarthana, mild abhyanga and shashtika pinda sveda (80. $/ day)
sodhana [body purification therapy]:Poorvakarmas followed by mridu shodhana  
arogya [Body immunization therapy]: A blend of internal medicines, Poorvakarmas and shodhana 
Special Treatment Packages for Arthritis, Low Back Ache, Cervical Spondylitis & Weight Reduction Programme.

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